Built-in tv tuner in lite-on lvw5116



I was thinking of purchasing a lite-on LVW5116 dvd recorder and noticed that it has a built-in tv tuner. Does that mean that I can connect a computer monitor to it and now have a tv after I connect my cable line to the dvd recorder. Sorry if this question seems dumb. :bow:


It depends on the types on input conections the monitor has. In many cases the computer monitor connects to a computer only no other inputs (except audio for speakers) they make special TV/Monitor combo units however.
Your LVW5116 has composite outputs you need a monitor with composit inputs.


I was planning on using a brand new LCD monitor and connecting speakers to the lite-on for sound
would that work?


Should work but be very sure the monitor has composite connections. Ask the sales person tell him you plans to use the monitor for you computer [U]and [/U] as an AV display.