Built in burning software

With xp when you copy files to a cd-rw disc the cd-rw disc becomes read-only. With vista do you think that will change? Sometimes you need to delete certain files on the cd-rw disc and with read-only you can’t do that unless you delete the whole disc.

if windwos were smart, they’d do away with their built in burning app altogether and include a burning app that’s actually useful.

there are way too many problems, glitches, bugs, and conflicts with the built in app to even bother with wondering about troubleshooting or fixes.

the best suggestion is to use a burning application that works how it’s supposed to!

for info on disabling windows burning app see this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=638036&postcount=2

I agree with reasonsnotrules but would add that you will get better results with a proper burning application.
I would recommend that you download CDBurnerXP Pro it is a freeware CD/DVD-Writer program. Have a play around with that and see if you like it.
There are numerous free as well as to pay software out there.