Built a new computer, have some questions

Hi All,

With the prices down on AMD X2 systems I got a good deal (mobo + cpu for $300 new in box). This is the system I built: <<See sig>>

My questions:

  1. Since I am not sure if I installed the heatsink ‘correctly’, I monitor the CPU temp. regularly using the SpeedFan tool. My range is usually 60 deg C to 85 deg C. Is this normal?

  2. The graphics card that I got was from COMPUSA. Since I do not know much about 3D and graphics card, I had to buy what the person in the store suggested. But I feed the card is not worth $90 or so that I paid (Ran 3DMark 2003 and it showed slow framerates for some demos). Please let me know if I can get a better card in this range. I will then return the card as I feel that the COMPUSA guys should have been more knowledegeable in describing the products to me.


Turn your computer off!!!
Temps are way too hot!

I have a 4800x2 and right now it is running 40c and my room is 23c or 72degrees.

Follow these instructions before you have to buy another computer. Until then pop the top and blow a fan on it right now!


Well, its been running continuously since the last 24 hrs, so am I looking at some wrong temps? I am pretty sure it says 65 deg C right now in the tray. Oh yes, the temps around me are around 80-90 F + and there’s no AC - only a table fan.

You see the fire next to the temp that says 63c? :eek:
I guess that icon changes based on the temp, right?

at idle anything >50 is a bit iffy. my room is kept at 81F through AC. my idle temps are around 40, c&q on (though I have the best air cooler around, thermalright ultra-120; that might have somthing to do with it). what heatsink are you using? the one that came with the cpu? it should be copper with heatpipes. if it’s aluminum, call up amd to get it replaced, since all x2 4200 and up are now using the copper cooler.

Okay I piped up a little before i read some info but I have just looked into it and it seems that other processors in that family can run at a max of 70c so I guess you are within spec. The sure test is to run 3d mark and see if your computer shuts down before the test ends. Its a free download.

It seems too hot to me.

I would get a second opinion on the CPU temperature. Maybe there is something wrong with SpeedFan.

My Asus mobo came with a utility to monitor it. I thing it’s called Asus probe.

I think you can also see the CPU temperature if you enter the BIOS setup.

There are various programs that will show CPU temp. Apparently Lavalys now charges $20 for Everest. I think you can still download the free Home Edition from some web sites. MotherBoardMonitor may work although it hasn’t been updated in a few years.

SpeedFan is not the easiest to set up properly. Unless you did something really wrong with the heatsink (the fan is running, right?!), I bet your CPU is either the 39C or 40C reading. Check it in the BIOS or use Asus Probe, as suggested.

I’m no specialist on videocards, but with an nVidia chipset mobo, I’d use an nVidia graphics card (possibly an SLI compatible one, if you are a gamer and might want to add a second card later).

I ran 3d mark 2003 several times, no issues. Computer is up and running for > 24 hrs. I shut it down after readign the first reply fromd sedomo, to be safe.

Thanks a lot for letting me know. yes it came with an aluminium heatsink. I had a lot of problem snapping the heatsink in place due to which the thermal compund is a bit smudged ont he CPU. Several times the computer shutdown after showing the BIOS. I knew it was a problem with the heatsink setup. But now the computer is up for >24 hrs without any issues.

ASUS probe also shows 60-70 deg c as the temperature. I’ll check the BIOS when I reach home.

My computer was up even at 80-85 deg yesterday at full load. I called up AMD and they said it was impossible. They told me that I need a BIOS update because temperature is reported incorrectly - and ASUS doesnt have any right now :frowning:

They also told me to touch the heatsink at 60deg and it would be too hot to touch. I tried and could easily touch it.

Anyone else experiencing something similar witht he M2N SLI Deluxe?

If the heatsink isn’t making proper contact with the CPU, it wouldn’t get hot (whereas the CPU would obviously). You only have one chance to fit it correctly with the thermal pad - once it’s made contact with the CPU, it shouldn’t be removed again.

You may well have to scrape (use an old credit card) & clean (some Q-tips & alcohol) the thermal pad off now and apply thermal paste instead. Please double-check the mounting instructions for the heatsink in the mobo and CPU manuals to be 100% certain it’s seated correctly.

I removed the heatsink, cleaned it, applied Arctic Silver compund and secured the heatsink. This resulted in the tem. going down by a few degress. But runnign a few apps, the temp fluctuates between 60-70 degrees. Is this normal? I am using AMD stock heatsink. SHould I consider getting a new (copper) heatsink?

Note: Called up AMD, they said they wont replace aluminium heatsink with copper one.

If you’re sure it’s mounted correctly and it’s not hot to the touch at that temp., it must be a false reading (and you’ll have to wait for a BIOS update :slight_smile: ). Would be good to have someone else with the same mobo confirm this though. Google is your friend :wink: .

yes verified it. CPU is still 75 to 80 degrees but heatsink can be touched easily. I did update the BIOS as well. No luck. Called up ASUS. They said check the BIOS for temp. BIOS also shows 80 deg C. Will call them again tomorrow. AMD says system will shut off beyond 70 degrees :confused:

that’s weird. I had no issues getting my heatsink replaced.

Did you make sure there where no voids in the thermal paste when you mounted the heat sink? One little spot will cause problems because the heat will not transfer smoothly from the CPU to the heat sink or you have a hot spot from the void in thermal paste. Just a thought.:wink: Also some multimeters have a temprature measuring probe, If you gan get a hold of one you could probably get an accurate measument of what temp the cpu is by holding it on the heat sink if you can get at it or wan’t to do that while your machine is running.

Which processor do you have? They said only ‘some’ wattage processors qualify for the copper heatsink.

My computer is running solid for many hours now, so I think its definitely an issue with the temperature reported. I’ll try getting the heatsink replacement but I dont want to invest right now, maybe later.