Building new VCD editing machine



I am within the next month building a new P4 800FSB Raid machine for doing VCD burning for my wife. I want to take digital photos and video streams from my Digital HI8 camcorder and edit and create VCD’s so her parents in the Phillippines can watch our home videos on their TV. I have been out of touch with PC’s for the last 4 years and need advice on my new PC HW and SW selections. I read posts for 5 hours and Chickenman’s tutorial but have not found good specifics. Here goes

I want to play some games with this PC but mainly video editing, should I get a All-in-wonder or a combination, Game card “ATI Radion 9700” and a capture card “V-gear” type setup?

If I don’t like your advice if it’s a All-in-wonder, which combination would be best, keeping the combination under $500?

Will a CD-R or CD-RW work fine for this or is it such a performance bottleneck I should buy a DVD burner or will they burn my VCD at the same rate?

Which capture SW would you recomend?

Which editing SW would you recomend?

What format should I save my HI8 video in for editing and then for burning to VCD?

and finally which software should I use to burn VCD’s on my PC.

Sorry to load this thread so heavy, Can you folks out there help?

Name Abdulaziz Ichi Ghonads