Building new PC - Which DVD Writer to get?

I’m building a new PC and am researching which DVD writer to get. I have an NEC 4551 in an external enclosure which has been pretty good to me, although is not the best at reading damaged/scratched discs. I tried the NEC 7173 which apart from being smaller than the 4551, it was similar to the 4551.

I want to get a SATA DVD Writer for the tidier cabling, and want the new drive mainly for ripping/reading scratched discs, although will also want it for burning (wwith TY or MCC media) and scanning. I’m considering the following drives:

Lite-On LH-20A1S
Samsung SH-183LBEBN

Both seem to be good readers of scratched/damaged discs. I’ve read the Lite-On is noisy, but is this only when writing at high speed (eg. 18x/20x), or is it also noisy when reading and writing at lower speeds ?

The Samsung only rips at slow speed (about 6x) due to some rip-lock limitation. It also apparently has lead-in problems.

Which should I go for, or is there another make/model I haven’t considered ?

I actually have the same requirements and am building a new PC. Too bad the Samsung SH-183LBEBN has limitations.