Building new box

The bug has bitten me, and I have decided that I want to upgrage my box. (sony vaio pc vrx552)
I have dedided on a p4 630 (price is right), gigabyte mb 8gpnxp-duo, 1gb of ddr2 ram for now, and will move a pata 133 hd and my burners over from my vaio to an Antec case… either a tx640b, or sonata II.
I would like to back up movies, view them on my pc, edit video from my Sony camcorder, and put it on dvd, and run ms flight simulator…and be able to connect to tv via s or composite video.
Can someone please direct me to a video card that doesn’t break the bank, but gives decent performance?
In addition, can I change over without buying windows xp again, or can I move my os (oem that came with vaio) over and keep all of my current applications as they are now on my hard drive?
Thanks in advance. :confused:

Are you talking a PCI Express video card, or an AGP video card.

Thanks for your reply,
I should have stated pci express, preferably x16.
I have integrated video now, and I assume nearly any card is going to be an improvement.I would like to get the most bang for the buck, in a card that will perform the tasks I mentioned previously.
I have tinkered before with drives and such, but this will be my first complete build. I have done quite a bit of research, but obviously have plenty to learn. :confused:
Any help is greatly appreciated. :bow: