Building ISO images with ImgBurn: UDF & ISO9660 Lables?




I’m building a lot of ISO’s from my VIDEO_TS direcotries with Imgburn.

I’m doing this because it is neater to archive ISO’s and for mounting purpose.

When I build an ISO with IMGburn I have the option to fill in; ISO9660 & UDF.

In ISO9660 there is only uppercase and no spaces allowed while in UDF you can enter upper- lowercase and spaces.

I’m anal about tagging so I have ripped a Retail DVD for looking the ‘official’ label naming scheme.

In the Retail DVD the ISO9660 & UDF had the same name e.g. DEEP_BLUE_SEA.

I don’t understand why UDF is not like this ‘Deep Blue Sea’ instead of ‘DEEP_BLUE_SEA’? In other words why does they use for UDF & ISO9660 the same name?

Should I use for UDF also uppercase and underscores?

Is the label (UDF & ISO9660) metadata like tags in mp3’s?

Any tips of naming scheme is appreciated.


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You can have both in ImgBurn if you want.

Go to the ‘Labels’ tab and there’s some boxes to fill in. You can put a long title, mixed case in the UDF box, and by pressing the ‘copy’ button at the end in red box below), it will be translated into the correct ISO9660 label and added to the top box.



Yes I know that could be done that way.
But why does Retail DVD’s have uppercase and underscores instead of spaces in the UDF field?

Like I said earlier I’m anal about naming scheme; what is the best way of labelling? e.g.: Scarface (1993)

Is filling in lables metadata, like tags in mp3’s?

Can I enable Unicode support for UDF? When you put a DVD in your PC ‘My Computer’ shows the UDF name. What does a DVD player shows, ISO9660 or UDF? Can a dvd player show unicodes like ‘é’ ?

Other questions can be found in the TS.



It is maybe because for backward compatibility reason?!?

That is why their vob files are not exceeding 1gb per file. :wink:


Call me n00b but what are u talking about, could u please explain yourself?


I think the ISO9660 naming scheme has priority over the UDF naming scheme due to backwards compatibility reason. :wink:


It really doesn’t matter what you label the disc as. It all comes down to personal preference.


And ISO 9660 mandates all upper case and underscores. UDF can be just about anything.