Building from scratch

Ok, back in the early 80’s when I was going to college, (ya I’m that old), I put together a Heathkit computer and even had to solder the controller card!

Now, I figure its time to try and build a machine again. BUT, how much more difficult is it than just getting the various parts and assembling? I know I can get a good aluminum case, insert a MB…hook up the cables to the various cards…drives…etc. Its the intangibles like BIOS and possible hardware conflicts that worry me. This is for a home machine, no server, mutiple users…any of that crap. Can a “reasonably” intelligent person get this right without ending up at a local computer tech place and shelling out $60/hr or so to FIX things if it fails?



ps I’d probably to do and see what sites they have that do the “build for $$” machines.

yes most people will be able to assemble a PC nowadays. Hardware conflicts aren’t that common but surf around some hw boards to see what Hw and different combinations to stay away from.