Building An OS?

Hi! I thoght i would try something I never tried before. I want to make an OS on my laptop. It only has Bios On it and nothing else on the hard drive, I want to experement with this. I know an average amount in VB.NET and A tiny bit in C+ (I think its C+). I just want an overveiw on what i need to do to make an OS that just boots, i’ll figure it out from there…

A lot of studying, and probably some assembly language programming…I once started writing an OS for a very much simpler machine (Commodore VIC-20) and even that wasn’t a trivial task.

Thanks for the quick reply…

Alright… I get the idea of Commodore VIC-20 and how it was basicly cmd promt in today’s century :rolleyes: but I want to start off with Making a O.S. completly on a different computer (without starting it) and some how put it on a different computer and when i turn it it installes the “Fake O.S.” and after that it just opens cmd promt. The only problem i see hre is what to do first :confused:

Perhaps start with an open source Linux distro, so you’ll have some source code to study from.

Oh wow! Making an OS is now much simpler than i thoght it would be! You Tube Was my best friend today! Aperantly all you need is C# (Which i figured i have) and A addon called cosmos. So all you need to do is make a program and put in xBoot.Execute() in one of the lines! How simple! See this

But now this raises another question. How could i code a C# program to run the code from another VB.NET program?:confused: