Building An Acrylic Case

Well I went to home depot last night and got all of my acrylic peices and I plan on cutting them out today after work. The design of this case calls for an absolute beast. It will stand roughly 2.5 feet tall and 2 ft long and about 9" wide :slight_smile:

Are there any suggestions on building? I was also wondering how to build the drive cages inside. The schematic I made up will consist on 6 3.5" bays for hard drives and 8 bays for optical drives.

What’s a good way to fasten the acrylic peices together? Can I just screw on peice to another? Or do I need to drill and screw in and bolt it on the other side?

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Get a good dremel. Working with Acryllic is a pain in the @ss.

Well I got one too, with all the bits and peices. I also am planning on doing it for ATX form factor, I forgot to mention that earlier. I’m gonna start later this evening so it will be interesting…

man good luck, and post pics if you can, especially of the final product.