Building a wireless remote for a light switch

Hello Everyone,

I guess I will get right to it, I have an Antec P160 (as in my rig) but it has an annoying front panel blue light that doesn’t allow me to sleep at nigth because of how bright it is. However, I like to keep the blue light on to show off the case to my friends during the day time if ever any of them come by.

So here is one option, I can easily buy a switch, and cut-out on my 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" bay and make a hole and such, but I was thinking, ummm, why not make a remote to do this, OR buy one. For a non-wireless switch I was thinking of this one HERE, as it also lights up in blue when on, yet has no light when off.

For a wireless switch I found some instructions HERE, but to be honest, if one already exists that can simply turn one device on/off, which is all I need, I would rather just buy it. I realize I would have to cut one line and attach it in-between…etc… Also, I have little time to build stuff now. I was told by someone to look for products by X10, but I couldn’t find anything.

So, if anyone knows of such a device, please post it up. At this point RF frequency (remote via radio like waves) or IR (remote via laser like beam) switch doesn’t matter, I can mod in either one with my cool new Dremel kit.

Thanks to all who actually read this…

Radio Shack sells X-10 stuff, or used to. But why not just put a piece of tape over the thing?

I immediately thought of a software control, though how to design and talk to the control module is tricky, something connected to a parallel or serial port perhaps, or controlled by a code sent to PC speaker.

Thx for the recommendation, but like I said I couldn’t find any X10 stuff, and covering the antec P160 would mean covering the instale fan and the system will overheat :frowning:

No this is purely H/W driven, it won’t work.

Well, I finally found a solution to my problem, but its kinda costly. I am going to go with the manual on/off switch personally.

If anyone is curious, here is what can be done as a solution wirelessly:

You will need an RF receiver model RFR12V-PRWP which currently runs $60 and will need to use it in conjunction with a remote model [color=blue]KF340-3 transmitter [/color]which runs another $20

Total cost is $80 and don’t forget to add shipping which of course will vary depending on where you live …etc…

This is the only solution on line I found so I don’t know if it is overpriced or justified.

I would do it if I had the extra spending cash but thats a lot atm for a feature to turn off a light that annoys me in luxury of not getting up, walking 10 feet, and pressing a button… but maybe it suits your lifestyle for whatever the reason may be…

Enjoy the find All!!!

Move it to another room or is that an option?

not an option