Building a PC

I have never done this before, but I have installed everything (and that includes a motherboard) except a power supply on my computers over the years.

What I want to build is a stripped down version cheaply - since it will only be for burning & ripping and small document/database work. No high end graphics work, no internet, no networking etc. My current comp handles that.

I haven’t keep up with the trends and current manufacturers; I usually do research only if I need to replace or add something on to mine and I haven’t done that for a long time as it does what I need to do very well.

What I am looking for is recommended inexpensive motherboards (integrated sound & audio probably) & CPUs, case & power supply. Everything else I have or know what I want. Would also like info on ease of installation, pitfalls in doing it this way and whether I’d be better off looking for system rather than building.

It would help if you said in which country you reside or where you will get the parts from?

Since it is just a data base and burning, cheap is no problem. You said you wanted to build it…why? The reason I ask is you can go to you local Best Buy or even order online and get an elcheapo unit well under $400.00 I seen them as cheap as 300.00 and they would do what you need it to do with no problems. This method is way cheaper than ordering and building one. The main reason most of us build is due to the price being 1500 + dollars to get what we want compared to 800 + dollars to build the same thing but better.

thanks for the reply - as I said I haven’t been watching the market place for awhile since I now have my PC to the point it does everything I want very well. Kind of thought it might be easier/cheaper to find discounted box somewhere, but wanted to see if I was wrong. The last time I was into this stuff, I really could build a better one cheaper than I could buy pre-built.