Building a new PC

Ok So I am building a new PC or maybe I should say upgrading my old one. I built one about 4 years ago, so I figured it is time to upgrade. It has been a long time since I built my last one so I may not sound the most intelligent but I would like to learn as much as possible.

I am assuming I can keep my case, power supply, Hard Drives, monitor…etc. The only thing I think I would need would be a new mother board, processor, video card and ram. My price range for these 4 would be $1000 dollars total.

here is what I will mainly use it for.

-I want to run linux and Windows at the same time.

-I want to do a lot of video editing

-I will be gaming a lot as well a programming a lot.

If someone could help me I would appreciate it, I would also appreciate any books or websites that will help me in terms of building a PC as well as where I can read up on some of the new video cards, processors, motherboards, RAM…etc Since I haven not done it in a well.

If I need to put any more details up please let me know

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For a 1000 bucks you can get some of the best components. Do you want to overclock your system? Do you want to run one or two video cards? Any thought about dual core cpu and quad core? Take a look at the e8400 dual core and the Q9300/Q9450 quad core cpus.

What brand and model is you PSU?

Welcome to the forum. A Dell XPS system is just the thing for you!

[QUOTE=THE C.;2022358]Welcome to the forum. A Dell XPS system is just the thing for you![/QUOTE]

Maybe you should re-read the first post. :iagree: