Building a new PC

I’m looking to try & build my own PC. I’m new at this & think I may get this motherbaord:

However, according to the provided picture, I don’t see a VGA connection on the motherboard. Can a monitor be connected some other way or do I definitely need some sort of video card?

You will need a graphics card.

good luck building your new machine…it’s a worthwhile endeavor. many here at CDFreaks are experienced with building their own machines and, im sure, would be happy to help out or answer any of your questions.

one piece of advice, don’t go for Socket A go for Socket 939 or at the minimum Socket 754 (both Athlon64 sockets), you’ll just limit your upgrade path with Socket A and there’s a much better performing platform available (Athlon64 or at least a Socket 754 Sempron) available at a comparable price point.

OMG don’t buy from those guy there a rip off!!! thats a $60cdn motherboard.

my bad thats a bundle :slight_smile:

if I were you I would lok at someplace like newegg for a bundle and aviod tigerdirect. I have bought stuff from tigerdirect in the past and quit doing so because they were shipping damaged\defective products.

1.) Don’t EVER order from TigerDirect.
2.) Don’t waste your time going for Socket A, or Socket 754.
3.) Go for Socket 939.