Building a New PC...Power Supply Question

here’s the Gigabyte board i was referring to

ds3HP SB 700

If i had the xtra $$$ i would go for that Phenom II…no doubt but money is just not there…i already got the Corsair RAM…if i return it i have to pay a restocking fee and the Mushkin would end up being around $60…this Corsair memory was only $27…got it on sale :slight_smile:

I see

have decided to go w/ your advice and take the Mushkin RAM instead of the Corsair…have ordered it already…spoke to newegg and they said i could send the corsair back w/o a restocking fee :slight_smile:

You’ll like the Mushkin ram, very nice ram. I like my redlines.


PC built…heres what i got…Vista 64 Ultimate loaded right up w/ no issues but this Vista is sluggish…i get that 5.9 Windows score right outta the box and the games play pretty amazing w/ no lag at all…Far Cry is fluid as a glass of H2O…noticed the fan ran a little high in the Celsius department on the Video Card so i used Catalyst control Center to raise it up to 36% on the fan…temp idles around 41c now…nvr gets above 55c…thanks for all the help guys…super appreciate it…gna post in here again for some advice when i start looking for a decent 23" or less LCD to game with :smiley: