Building a New PC...Power Supply Question

here it is…im building a new pc in the next 2 weeks…already know what components i’m getting just waiting for the prices to go down a little more…i have already bought the RAM and this power supply…

i’ve been reading a lot of reviews and comments about how much i need in terms of watts so i purchased this model above…95% of what i read seems to back me up but i have read a few that say i need a little more…the majority of “signatures” i see in here or other places with users pc profiles all have between 600 & 700 watts so i thought that would be plenty of lee-way for me…so i grabbed the 700W…here is what i will be grabbing to go along with what i already have

sapphire or his 4870 1gbRAM
phenom 9950 or 9850
gigabyte or biostar MB

i will not be overclocking anything…no CPU or Video Card will be touched at all…just gonna throw it in the case and fire it up…i will not be adding another Video Card…no crossfire…i play games but im not a gamer by any stretch but i will be playing crysis and call of duty and mirrors edge etc

my question is…is the power supply i got sufficient enuff?


Overkill (but thats good)

I would estimate that you will only be using 200-300W of that power with your setup but most PSU’s work best at 50% load anyway.

i think i read only 1 or 2 users this morning who said i needed more and i immediately got worried…i dont mind backing off the vid card or processor specs (smaller or slower) but my deal was the RMA process…i hate waiting for sumthin new…+ i already sent in the rebate and didnt wanna deal with the hassle…appreciate your response :slight_smile:

yeah, a good 500W PSU would have been enough.

I agree, my rig has alot of stuff in it, and I only have a Corsair 620w Modular PSU and its fine, 700W with 4- 12V rails should be plenty.:wink:

thanks guys…i’m getting the impression that the ones who use bigger wattage are the ones who “overclock” there stuff or have 2 video cards…i’m content with leaving my new stuff as is…i’m pretty sure this new processor i’ll get will be able to play these games w/o any hiccups…its pretty much all i care about with this new build…i remember when doom 3 came out and i played it on this rig…it was ruff…had to turn all the effects off just so it wouldnt stutter and freeze up…i think i’ve picked the right items to get the job done…for the money anyhow :slight_smile:

I have my Q9550 Overclocked 20% to 3.4GHz and the 620W Corsair is plenty even with my HD4850 Video Card.:wink:

see o’cloc’n sorta scares me…i mean tryin it…im afraid of fryin the thing and havin to buy another processor…i’m not into gaming enuff into being able to tell a visual difference if i did o’clock’t it…i could actually tell a speed difference…i just wanna blow stuff up with far cry 2 and COD4 etc…and make sure this pc will be up to snuff for the year or 2

From what I can tell your 4870 is asking for a 500 Watt or greater power supply Link (scroll down to System requirements). So you should have some headroom to play with. I bought a video card last month and it pretty much dictated what power supply I bought. It req’s a minimum of a 680 watt power supply so I picked up a Corsair 750 watt that should hopefully handle anything I throw at it.

The PSU is like the Heart of the system. It’s better to have extra rather then being short. A under powered system will slowly kill your components.


ok cool…the reason for the 700 watt was mainly cause i added up 2 numbers…the video card requirements and the wattage for the processor

500w video card
125w processor

what i’m not sure on is when if ever does the PSU reach that level where both max out and if…looking at the numbers…that xTra 75 watts is enuff…i have no clue what the MB or anything else needs so i figured that max wattage numbers on all this hardware, Vid Card-Processor-MB-Case Fans, is just the maximum it can reach…adding these 3 up i thought 700w was the right choice or pretty close…but again i’m not real sure lol :slight_smile:

i thought of something else…i don’t plan on gaming at a high resolution…i see others talking about about playing crysis at 1400x and getting *&^ fps etc…i nvr play any game past 1024x768…i just have a 17" crt monitor for the time being and i thought it would work the video card a little harder playing at a higher resolution…so i would stick with the stock resolution the game sets it at when i install it…(auto-configure)

Your PC will probably use around 130W while idling, thats the TOTAL draw of everything in the PC. When you are doing intense gaming, it might hit 220W total.

The TDP rating of 125W on the cpu is rarly acheived. With a heavily overclocked cpu it might come close.

If your interested in how much power is being sucked from your wall socket, you can get a kill-a-watt meter, its pretty cool and only like $20. Interesting to see that a cable TV converter box draws like 36W while ON, but draws ~30W while off! Link

wow thats not that much…i guess i worried for nuthin…i will nvr O’clock this thing so i guess i’m in the clear now :smiley:

my whole goal for this new build was to build the best i could for around $600 and i made sure the PSU was gonna be big enuff for what i want…and so far the hardware i’ve chosen has came into the $600 range…i got extremely lucky that this PSU was $50 at the time…here’s the rest…i think i’ve researched enuff that i’m think i’m getting the right things so they’ll last for a while…in terms of specs


Video Card


Processor (is this processor 64 bit ready - Vista?)

the hardest part of this has been browsing thru the motherboards…man its been a b*#ch narrowing it down to what i want or need…these made the cut




minus a monitor which i’ll save for later…not sure on LCD for gaming…have no clue on what brand or ms response time etc is good for it…all i know on the monitor is that 22" to 23" is all i’ll need…these can be had for a decent price but as far as features for gaming…i’m clueless

lol…they were promoting that model last week so thats gna be in there with my next purchase at newegg…grabbing the vid card and a few cables along with it…$18…cant beat it :smiley:

Processor (is this processor 64 bit ready - Vista?)[/QUOTE]
You’d be better off with a Phenom II rather than a Phenom. The motherboards you’ve listed probably support them, but have a look at the motherboard manufacturers websites just to be sure.
And yes, it is 64 bit ready.

Might be a good idea to avoid this one. It is know that some, possibly most, of nvidias designs from the past few years have a serious design flaw causing them to fail prematurely due to their inability to hande heat cycling. Since they refuse to tell anyone exactly which parts are bad, I personally think it is better to play it safe by avoiding them completely.

Asus was 3rd on my list so i’ll nix them…appreciate the heads up on them Aramchek :slight_smile:

i would grab a Phenom II but for 2 reasons…one is the price…cant spare the xtra $50 at the moment but the main reason is all the reviews and readings i’ve come across on how most of these motherboards are having a heckuva time reading the new Phenom II chip in the BIOS…seems to be a lot of headaches across all motherboard brands adding the new info in the BIOS…unstable…i mean there have been a lot of people who have gotten them to work but i havent read many that got it to work right outta the box with these cheaper MB’s…whats actually turned out to be good is that AMD yesterday announced their new Phenom chip lines and this Phenom 9950 actually went down in price $30…nice surprise this morning when i got up

this is another board i am looking seriously at…lesser known brand but i’m intrigued


I have the DS3 version of the gigabyte board and I can tell you it is a really good board for the price, tons of features and very stable, and I know you’re not into overclocking but it is awesome there too, I’m running my x2 3800 (stock 2ghz) at 3ghz and there’s still more headroom. the only real downside is the single pci-e x16 slot, so you can’t upgrade to crossfire in the future, and your power supply is overkill even for a crossfire setup :wink:

The link, while intriguing :smiley: , is broken.

Asrock started off as Asus cheapo brand, but AFAIK they’re completely independant now.

If the Phenom II is listed in the mobo manufacturers list of supported CPUs it ought to work well enough that you’d be able to upgrade the BIOS later at least!

I was also going to say something else clever but I forgot what it was while writing the rest of the message so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

LOL…sorry Aramchek…its up and working now…:smiley: (still guessing what he’s was trying to say) :bigsmile:


thanx for the heads up on the other Gigabyte (DS3) board jwill…i’m actually now leaning towards that model now and not the cheaper model i posted…thankfully i’m not too heavy into tinkering or tweaking the settings on pc’s so o’clock’n and an extra pcie slot arent a loss for me

actually I think the UD3 model you linked to would be better for you than the DS3HP (I’m assuming thats what you’re looking at since its the only one NE has in stock right now) I just have the vanilla DS3 (the older version w/the sb600) and it looks like the UD3 has all the same features plus the sb700 and 2 extra sata ports

this is my board for reference

Some small notes…

Don’t go with the Corsair memory, it violates JEDEC (1.9V instead of 1.8V).
Cheaper, Faster and 1.8V

You most likely want to step up to the 780 or 790 chipset (go for a Gigabyte motherboard)

You also probably want a Phenom II CPU which is quite a bit faster then Phenom…