Building A New PC - Looking for a DVD-Writer


I’m going to be putting together a new system within the next week or so, and have been looking at the options out there for DVD Writers. My wifes system currently has an NEC-3550, which has worked flawlessly for us using Memorex, Verbatim, and Maxell media purchased from our local Wal-Mart. I was wondering how the NEC-7170a compares, or if there are some better/comparable alternatives from other companies. I prefer quality burns as opposed to speedy coasters. I would also like a player that has better luck reading media that isn’t in the best of shape (scratches, etc.). I’m really open to any suggestions available. Thanks.

EDIT: Forgot to note, I intend to run Linux on my new system also, so compatibility with Linux writing/authoring applications is a must.

For quality reading there is absolutely no alternative but the Asus 616A DVD-Rom.

Like you I was hunting for years for a good scratched/faulty disk reader, and this one is it. Disks that are literally unplayable on all my other (4) DVD-Rom drives breeze through on the Asus.

For a burner I’d recommend the latest drives by either Pioneer or Benq.

Pioneer drives are also excellent, as well as many of the Benq and Samsung units. I think these days many of the “name brand” units will give reliable, if a little variable, performance. Steer clear of unknown brands emanating from small operations in China like the plague. Welcome to the forum and happy posting. :slight_smile:

Also if you want a decent DVD burner, avoid drives made by Lite-on has usually been a safe bet. (Which usually includes Sony Drives too, as sonys are just Rebadged Lite-ons)

Are you saying you had bad experiences with liteon drives or you advocating those drives? Before stating how bad other drives are maybe you should state your own experiences with the drives you have before making claims on other drives you don’t have experiences on. Everyone drive works differently as each individual user has a different software and hardware setup. So do a consumer report or go online and see independent testing to get a better result to as which drive would best fit your needs or budget constraints. As I said you can only make claim on the drive you use and not on another drive you haven’t test or used unless you can show you have used or experiences with those drive types.

Just get any DVD burner for $30-$40 mainly BenQ, NEC or Pioneer will do the job.

i agree with Anthony1uk , no doubt liteon drives are great scanners , but writing quality wise their recent burners are average (according to reviews on cdrinfo)

Just remember that Lite-On has purchased BenQ optical products therefore LiteOn can be also repackage of BenQ drives which is top reliable one.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Since you mention quality burns plus being able to read discs that aren’t the best, or aren’t in good shape, I’d recommend the Samsung SH-S182D.

It’s a great burner, plus it was able to grab the data off some of my neighbour’s discs that his burners, nor my other installed ones, wouldn’t touch. :slight_smile:

Oh, and it loves Verbatim discs all the way up to 18x :wink:

Yes I have had in the past 4 Liteon drives (one was however a Sony which was I later found a rebadged Liteon burner).

These 4 drives were in the ratio of 2 burners and 2 roms.

I took the burners back as they both were dreadful burners (and they were bought from PC World and it is almost impossible to get them to replace anything :a )

Also whenever I read posts of problems with burners a larger % of them have been users of Liteon drives, with usually the same problems I myself experienced.

It this time however I have never once had any problems with my Benq or latest NEC drives and I have had the NEC for 2 years (this replaced the first NEC1300a which I had for 2 years prior to this also). And Benq 1650 for 13 months.

From my experience Liteon seem more interested in speed than burn quality which is the opposite of Benq, NEC and Piorneer.

Therefore I advised against buying these drives, as they are more problems than they are worth IMHO.

Hope this clears everything :slight_smile:

Well I have a Lite-on and a BenQ and like them both. The BenQ burn quaility is slightly better, but the Lite-on is still a great drive, and has a very large support group at cdfreaks,so I would recommend both. IN addition, I have found the Lite-on to be better with DVD+DL media. I’ve also read good things about the new Samsung drive, as well as LG, Plextor and Pioneer drives. IMO they are all good drives, and your decision should be based on what else you want to do beside burn DVD’s. The Lite-on, BenQ and Plextor have great tools to test the DVD’s after the burn, and some of them are better readers than others. I suggest you go to the optical drive forum and do a little research. But IMO you can’t go wrong if you chose any of the major drives (BenQ, Lite-on(Sony), Pioneer, Plextor, or LG. The older NEC drives were considered fantastic, don’t know much about the new ones.

I in agreement with BoB_G you can purchase whatever drive you like and want to have but to decide on what your wanting your drive to burn or backup. Plus they are inexpensive now days. So if you don’t like the drive costing 40 US dollars just replace it. Mine I bought from NewEgg.

So since you were to list your other drives besides liteon what was your lite on drives? I did write in my previous post for those saying a drive was bad to at least identify what type of drive.