Building a new Computer...?

Hello, :iagree:
I am not sure which Forum to place this post at,so I will start here in motherboards. Maybe an administrator could find a home for the correct Forum.

I am using what I consider an archaic Compaq AMD 1.2 CPU, with 256 Ram,WinXP.
I use Photoshop and recently been working with huge image files that take extremely long amounts of time to work with because the lack of memory or CPU. I don’t have the MULA to spend $2,000 and upwards rebuilding a “super computer”,but I realize I have to spend some MULA on a faster, more dependent, updated system.
As far as the graphic software I use now,and wanting to purchase a solid video editing program in my next puter, I am a little perplexed on what to get.

Onboard Video? ,Onboard Audio?..AMD or Intel CPU, what Chipset to get, MOBO - ABIT, or ASUS ( I had so many problems with my last ECS Elite Mobo, I’m am NEVER going to repeat that mistake again…crashed only after two years.

*What my goal is to get a big HD and maybe partition it for one, my Photoshop,Video work and then secondly, for the regular programs,documents. 500 - 750 Hard Drive. SATA or PATA, whatever is recommended.

Faster CPU and more memory DDR2, at least 2 giggys.

Either a good AGP or onboard grafix card, and 7.1 onboard Audio or a better PCI sound card.

A new case with USB inputs on front to fit this Mobo. ATX mid or full tower???

A new PSU (Power supply unit) to handle the new CPU and Mobo. I have a 300W presently…not big enough.

A good,dependable Motherboard (mobo)… PCI express or not.

Heatsink Fan for both the hard drive and the CPU, as well as a case fan?

As you can see, I am totally at your mercy with any ideas or experience for a new rebuild from your likes and dislikes on what to get and what NOT to get.

Is there a site that could walk me through the installation process of the Power supply, MoBo, and hard drive,and maybe the order of the hardware as far as CD-RW drives? I can handle the OS. Thank you! :bow:

About 8 months ago I built a 3400+ AMD system with 512 MB RAM, 160GB hard drive and 128 MB video card using an MSI motherboard for about $300. I’ve had good experience with Abit and MSI motherboards, but I’ve read good things about Asus too and would consider Asus if it suited my purposes. Motherboards with Intel chipsets are the most stable but can’t be overclocked; however, I like the Nvidia chipset and have had no problems with it. I’ve not seen any onboard graphics or sound that’s worth a flip and would recommend disabling those and get good graphics and sound cards.

Looks like you want to build a system with better graphics and more memory than the 1 I did, but I think you should be able to do it for around $600 if you shop carefully for components. Check to find very good deals on memory, hard drives, and other hardware from various vendors. You don’t mention OS, but I’d stay with Win2k or WinXP due to lack of driver support and compatibility issues with Vista. See for some info on the how to.