Building a duplicator: software?

Hi all,

For my orchestra/choir I’m burning CD’s with the recordings. This takes quite a lot of time, most recordings are burned 80-120 times. I was thinking about building a duplicator, but not one like those who are sold on the market. Moreover, a readily available duplicator is not within my budget.

My idea is to build a PHP web interface and script some linux burning utilites for it. Instead of copying from a master, the CDs will be burned directly from the source FLAC/WAV files. Someone told me to look for similar software first, but I couldn’t find anything. Does anyone have a suggestion?

I’m a bit confused. Why not just burn the Cd’s with something like Brasero, which supports multiple burners? If you really want to create some scripts then look at Cdrtools,

Yep, right on!

[QUOTE=fancases;2544606]It takes a long time to burn a cd.[/QUOTE]

How long is too long?

Well, I wanted to make my own scripts because using a headless server-like system somewhere is easiest. I usually work on my laptop, so I’ll take some second-hand hardware and build this thing.

About what is too long, it’s just for the sake of eliminating work. Recording and mixing/mastering already takes quite some time, it would be nice to reduce such a dumb task to something half-automated.