Building a CD duplicator

Hello all.

I’m trying to build a desktop CD duplicator with 7 CD-RW drives. The purpose of this is to be able to burn 7 CD-ROM at a time and thereby saving myself the cost of having it duplicated for me.

The setup I have is a mix of old things I had laying around:
MSI-6330 Mainboard
AMD Athalon 1200 MHz processor
About 650MB SDRAM
Highpoint RocketRaid 100 controller
A small WD hard disk for the source material and OS
5 SONY CRX320-EE CD-RW drives
2 LG GCE-8527B CD-RW drives
OS Windows XP SP3

I was planning on running Alcohol 120% and thereby writing to all 7 drives at the same time.
The Highpoint controller supports ATAPI devices according to the specs, but I’m not so sure after all the reading I’ve done on the internet.
I have my HDD and 3 CD-ROMs connected to the two mainboard IDE’s and the other 4 CD-ROMs connected to the highpoint controller, everything set to Cable Select.
After some trouble and many driver versions I was able to get the CD-ROMs working in Windows and each one reading data from a disk. but when the 3 mainboard CD-ROMs have some media loaded and I put some media on the ones connected to the controller Windows freezes and needs a hard boot.

Hope you can make make suggestions as to how I can fix this problem if you think this setup should work. Maybe some other OS could be the solution to this.


I’m afraid what your trying to do won’t work. firstly you can’t mix drive manufacturers (or even models in some cases), because they will use a different writing strategy from the other drive, and therefore read the data at different times from one another. Secondly, from what many here have learned, the software (all of them) haven’t been optomized for mass duplication, its a joke really that it hasnt’ been done yet (afaik anyway). Also your using an old PC, I’m guessing you PSU is not up to snuff either, when a cd/dvd drive spins up it uses a good amount of power, not sure 10-20W each.

Your best bet is to make duplicator using a dedicated controller (without PC), they sell them on ebay, and, get a decent PSU as well.