Building a Blu-ray Writer \ Encoding PC

If you were to build a Blu-ray writing \ encoding machine.

What specs would you choose? Now, dont go over the top !
Spec up a machine thats affordable 300-500 pounds.

I can save on the video card as I wont be using the PC for viewing, I have a PS3 for that.

Any advice would be tops.

Thanks for looking.

First of all, you need CPU power for encoding.
So I would recommend a Quad-Core.
When encoding with free x264, AviSynth and so on, you need lots of ram.
So I think 8GB ram are good (and x64 OS)
To have several passes of video material, you need a large hdd.
I would suggest several 1GB hdds (maybe as Raid0)

Video can be onboard, but can be a cheap card also (maybe Nvidia 9400 or Ati 4350)
I prefer for Quadcores Intel CPUs, they have more horsepower at lower GHz, but are somewhat higher in price.
Don’t go for new Core i7, it’s good, but too high in price.
Maybe a Q9550 for overclocking? I have a Q9650 I OC to 4.2 GHz
Mainboard is your choice, I would use NVidia 9300 or Intel P45 (with ICH10R).

An “old” LG GGW-H20L would be “enough” as BluRay-Writer.

Ok thanks for that.

I was going to go for quad core. Socket 775 Intel.

I think 4Gb DDR2 faster than 800.

500gig HD.
Gigabyte branded mobo was going to be my choice, they seem to have all the features I need with the ability to upgrade should I need to.

That 500gb hd will fill up fast if you are storing high def video on it. Plus, it would be better to have one drive as your source and another as the target for encoding.

Think about getting a 1tb drive for storage.

Oh right.
I suppose thats going to reduce the strain on a HD if its having to read the source and write the new files.

Outputting the data to a different HD makes sense!