we have a build my brothers thinking of doing ,hes thinking of the asus p8z77-v delux with i7 3, coz it was giving as a present , radeon hd 7950 ,the nf p12 fans , and 12 gb worth of ddr3 he looking to do the same high specs gaming and video ,is there anything u would add to this set up or mby change before he went out and bought them

I assume this will be Win7 64?

This could be the motherboard, and it’s got 4 SATA3 ports and 4 SATA2’s.

If you wanted to go save some dollars, you could find a SATA2 boot-drive or SSD (90-128Gb - something in the sub-$100 range) and then have a much larger SATA3 hard drive for D: and your data and games. Seagate 3Tb 7200s are $149, and $180 gets you into WD “Black Series”.

I use either 2 sticks of memory or 4 (not ‘just 3’), although I think that ASUS board offers a RAMDisk utility if you’d want to experiment with it. Say, setting up a RAM disk from the RAM 9Gb→12Gb, and tinkering with it. RAMDisk utilities can be fairly fun like that - and relatively safe for experimentation. Most of those are ‘checkbox’ utilities where a few standard recommendations are offered, you can “Check” them, reboot and see how you and the computer work together. No likee? Uncheck, and reboot. The RAMDisk utilities are also a “Load at Startup? YES NO” function so you can ‘turn it off’, too.

But I’d try to find a matching 4th stick.

ASUS has a nice overclocking utility, as well. This usually scores ‘best’ among the auto-overclocking utilities, although manual tweaks usually can get it somewhat higher. A better CPU cooler is recommended for any overclocking.

The industry is in a ‘shift phase’ for optical drives at this point. DVD-Burners ($15-25) are being phased out of production and BluRay burners ($60-100) are now the only offerings for some brands. There are a lot of discussions about “best drives”, but inside all of those is the equally raging debate of “what brand of blanks works best with Drive XYZ?” too. It’s a tad complicated, let’s say.

Ye win 7 with the possibility of going to win 8 at sum point

The “Which BD Burner” debate usually includes some models of Pioneer and LG - but perhaps not all.

And your region of the world becomes a factor because some models aren’t available, nor are all blank-disks. Or at least ‘readily’ available.