Build your dream rig with $5000 to spend

So, this is a bit of a daydream thread, I guess we all don’t have 5000 bucks to spend on a rig, but here is my setup based on the prices from Newegg.

[li]ASUS Rampage IV Extreme $429.99
[/li][li]Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition $1,029.99
[/li][li]G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 64GB (8 x 8GB) $314.99
[/li][li]MSI N680 PE 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 680 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 $549.99
[/li][li]LIAN LI PC-V750WX Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case $429.99
[/li][li]ENERMAX MAXREVO Series 1350W ATX12V / EPS12V v2.92, v2.8 $319.99
[/li][li]Plextor Blu-ray burner $159.99
[/li][li]Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD $146.99
[/li][li]OCZ Z-Drive R2 P84 512GB PCI-E PCI-Express interface (x8) MLC Enterprise Solid State Disk $1,899.99
[/li][li]Hitachi GST Ultrastar 15K600 HUS156045VLS600 $299.99

I should have increased the budget for Enterprise class SSDs with 1 TB capacity. One of them is already $7000 :wink: I guess with some RAID and SLI I could still add more…

A couple of things… the video card seems way overpriced (really, $550?!? insane), no INTERNAL HDD… ALL SSD, but cheaper and in RAID config-- aggregate 1TB. The rest really has to depend on what you intend to use the machine for…

BTW, there are cheaper MOBO’s that utilize DUAL PROCESSORS which might be cheaper than the bragging rights of the highest spec single cpu board & tweak higher performance out of… AND you’re also not budgeting for MONITOR(S)/BIG HDTV screens, and my personal favorite: SERVER FARM grade rack mount HDD’s… 25 4tb drives for that massive collection of HD PRON connected via 40gigE fiber optic cable.

Now show yours tmc8080 :wink:

[QUOTE=RexHunt;2657358]Now show yours tmc8080 ;)[/QUOTE]

That’s why I build my own Rigs, I take my time and always go for the Dream Rig:

• Motherboard: SuperMicro X8SAX
• Processor: Intel Core i7 - 960 3.2Ghz
• Case: NZXT Adamas Silver Aluminum
• PSU: SeaSonic 750W
• RAM: Atlas Precision 12 GB DDR3 / 1333MHz
• GFX: ATI Radeon HD 4670
• Sound: On Board Realtek 7.1 HD
• Hard Disk 1: Seagate 500Gb SATA
• Hard Disk 2: Seagate 500Gb SATA
• Hard Disk 3: Seagate 1.5Tb SATA
• Optical Drive: Plextor Blu-ray Burner SATA
• Monitor: 27" Dell 2707 WFP

Close to your Dream Rig except for the traditional HDD’s. :cool:

What would be the price of such a rig (range is fine too, if you don’t want to share)

[QUOTE=Bakst0ne;2657940]What would be the price of such a rig (range is fine too, if you don’t want to share)[/QUOTE]

I never keep track of the price, because I don’t want to scare myself. My Rig came just under $3000. Like I said, I take my time and put the Rig up little by little. I buy the Case and PSU, then the MB, Processor, Memory, and Graphics. Test all this and work out the kinks. Then I’m ready for the HDD’s and Blu-ray Burner to load the OS. :cool:

5 grand? This is a nice supercomputer.

The supercomputer comprises of 64 processors, 1TB of memory (16GB SD Cards in each of the Raspberry Pi) and can be powered on using just a single 13 Amp mains socket. Message Passing Interface is used for communications between the nodes through the Ethernet port. The team managed to build the core of the supercomputer under £2500 (excluding switches for networking).

The casing is made with Lego: