Build me a [Barebones] for £350 or Under

Does anyone here dare to throw me a build together for under £350?

1. Cpu
2. Memory
3. Motherboard
3. Graphics Card
4. Power Supply -
5. Cpu Cooling - Optional, May use stock cooling for short term.

Most of the other things are covered and are going to be coming out of the old computer, sata drives, monitor, mouse and keyboard etc so no worried there but the main bits are my worry.
It will be overclocked "who doesnt :smiley: " but nothing extreme and hopefully can play some of the more recent games with decent performance but im not expecting miracles :D.

The pc is not for me it’s for my sister "she plays the sims :confused: " but as im the one who keeps things working im the one who is lumbered with the building task etc, anyhow heres what was picked out so far.

Although if i knew what to buy i would have bought it so i figured id come for some help first :p.

Get this ram instead. Its actually the same as the one you suggested /same chips/ just tighter timmings and no bling bling lights. saves 30 pounds.

Getting the e2180 guarentees the M0 stepping, so you will get the best overclock. People get over 3ghz oc with the stock heatsink, and no overheating issues. So thats an excellent choice. Run the Ram:FSB ratio 1:1, which will give the ram a lot of head room. Just to note that these chips seem to be FSB limited, people usually get up to 395 or so, so you can run the ram at tight timmings and still get 3ghz oc on the cpu.

There are however brand new video cards on the market, that use less power and have more features like the ATI HD 3870, Link only a couple left in stock, 135 pounds. However if she only plays sims, and you needed to save a couple bucks, then the ATI HD 3850 is also available for 100 pounds, it cuts the ram down to 256 from 512 and cuts the speed a little. If its in your budget I’d get the 3870 though.

If you need a new PSU, this one is a good deal and plenty of power Link

So I kinda take back that part about running the ram at 1:1 since the multiplier on the e2180 is 10. The board will probably boot with 1:2 fsb:dram ratio, and if you run the ram at 5-5-5-15 you will proabably be able to hit ddr2-1000, which is 300MHz fsb, which is 3GHz for the cpu speed. Which would be pretty sweet.

First of all, if its not yours (and you seem to be not that familiar with overclocking) I wouldnt ‘ship’ a overclocked computer to my sister and hope everything goes well because it most likely wont. You should also know that all new motherboards requires an ATX 2.0-compatible PSU which make me wonder if you have that since they’re pretty new. If you dont you need a new PSU. I tried to throw together a very good bang for the buck system but I ended up ~15£ too much. You get very good hardware for the money though.

This is from
You wont find a better deal than this =)

Sorry i didnt realise i had accidentaly linked the wrong memory :eek: 6400 is easily enough and what i originaly chose! plus she was going to have my silverstone zeus 560 which i originaly thought should easily be enough to power it all but i forgot all about checking the power supply specs first and i dont now know if that power supply will be ok?.

Anyway after a little checking around a decent budget upgrade/overhaul for her would be something like this at the current thinking.

  1. Motherboard:
  2. Cpu:
  3. Memory:

Im a little unsure of the graphics card, i wanted straight away to get a x950Pro but this hd2900gt is a little tempting but i was a little confused if it would run ok on windows xp pro, i know this might seem obvious to some but i thought i would ask as i think i’ve overloaded my brain with too much info for the moment.

Anyway, she has £300/£350 to get the above or better so any more comments /suggestions are very much welcome and are very much needed to set my mind at rest, and thanks for the help :bow:

That psu should be fine.

Get the new ATI 3850 instead: Powercolour 3850

Great minds think alike :wink:

I dont know what i was thinking not checking out the 3800 series of cards to be honest although i was expecting the prices to be a little higher which is what originaly put me off looking but i have decided on this sapphire 3850 @ overclockers It should be perfect for that setup, all being well i should be ordering tomorrow and setting it all up for her asap.

A word of advice, get a motherboard with Realtek HD Audio (ALC8**, ALC889 would be very nice choice) and at least Realtek LAN (Intel preferred) instead of some odd Attansic LAN which the current motherboard you link to has. You’ll a lot better driver support and most likely better performance.

To be honest im a little overwhelmed with motherboard choice at the mo but that one i chose seems to have very little problems and overall seems a sold board from what i’ve read about it.

Im still very much open for suggestions though :iagree: in the end it will be the right choice!

Thats a nice board, but it defeats the purpose of building a cheap/performance system for his sister.

Go for the sibling of that board the Gigabyte DS3L P35 and save almost 30 pounds.

Edit: Reviews

10£ for a much better motherboard, well worth it in the long run.


Cheers for that one, it seems to be one of the better (popular) c2d boards out at the moment from what i can tell and it’s used by alot of people (plenty of reviews available) Plus there are tons of tweakable bios options that will make me happy with it :flower: never mind my sister :stuck_out_tongue: Remember there is always a little room for a tweak here or there :stuck_out_tongue: