Build for roommate

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For reference, his current maching is a PII running Win98 on less memory then my flash drive (and that was a freebie).

Target budget was 500 euro, though a variation of about 100 is allowed.

I came up with the following:
C2D E6300
Asus P5Pl2-E
Asus EN7100
Kingston DDR4200 1 GB kit
Hitachi 320 GB drive
DVD burner
Antec basiq 350W PSU

Other parts (case, keyboard, mouse, display, floppy, etc) will be scavenged from the old machine.

This I can build for 540 euros or so.

I could drop below the 500 barrier by going AMD and/or single core, but since one of the things he does with his PC is realtime encoding of his guitar, I’m thinking the second core won’t be unwelcome. And it’ll give the PC at least a year or two more before the next update is necessary…

Since this is my first Intel build ever, what do you all think?

PS: Sticking with the onboard audio for now, but maybe I’ll fix him up with a proper creative product later on to give him MIDI connectivity.

he would be better off getting a MB with the P965 chipset. The 945 is very old now, and the 965 would be future upgradable.

Also get a better quality power supply, like a seasonic S12-330 (330 watt).

Here’s my suggestion (including Case)… are you really sure its a stock case?

Case: Coolermaster Centurion 5 Black w/o PSU
Cheap, easy to work with and good cooling.

Memory: Corsair Value Select 1Gb PC5300 667Mhz
Quality brand, Good price, Fast (faster than yours) and a single 1Gb stick is much better than 512Mb if he wants to upgrade in the future.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA 965GM-S2 iG965
mATX motherboard with Intel G965 chipset, integrated graphics which will be more than enough for his needs and it also offers a PCI-Express slot in case you want to get a faster card in the future. Good onboard audio and decent GbLAN (not some Realtek-crap) and it also has firewire.

HDD: Hitachi T7K500 320Gb SATA2
Its fast, its silent (only two platters) and at a very good price. :slight_smile:

PSU: Seasonic S12 430W
A very good PSU that’s very silent and offers great power. Highly recommended.
Also offers room for HW-upgrades in the future.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 :slight_smile:

DVD/CD: Take whatever you like, LiteOn LH-18A1H should for fine…

Ends up at £404 at