Bugs in DVDFab Mobile Task List with Xbox 360 mode

Hi there,

You guys have done an oustanding job with this release. I still have some issues batch encoding for Xbox. Maybe you can find the time to address those before the next point release.

Bug #1
Click DVD to Mobile pane
Select Xbox 360
Load an ISO image from disk for the Source:
You end up with both Generic and Xbox 360 in the Task List.
Every single time, I have to click Remove to get rid of the Generic job I never asked for in the first place.
When I select Xbox 360, only Xbox 360 should be added to the task list.

Bug #2
Add three Xbox 360 jobs to the task list using three different ISO images.
After the first job has completed, try to delete the ISO for this image. You won’t be able to.
In fact, you won’t be able to delete any of the ISO files before DVDFab has run through the entire task list. Highly annoying…
Could you please close the handle on the ISO files AS SOON AS you’ve gone through them, when the current task is done?

Bug #3
Add three Xbox 360 jobs to the task list using three different ISO images.
Note the time it took to complete the three jobs.
Execute the same three jobs, but this time, one by one, closing DVDFab in between.
Add the times it took to complete the three jobs.
Compare the two times – you’ll see it takes much longer to run the three jobs using a single task list.
This is a major problem for me. The execution times should really be the same. Please, please investigate this.

Bug #4
The Tab order in the Xbox 360 settings dialogue has issues.
Could you please fix the tab order so that I can tab from File Name -> Title -> Author -> OK.
Right now, the tab order does not go through the Author line.

Bug #5 / Feature Request
Right noww, you create a new output folder for each of the Tasks in the task list, and create the new folders in the Target path.
This is a completely valid choice, but in my case, I would rather DVDFab created the output files directly in the Target path I specified.
Even if by default you create new folders, would you consider adding a selectable option NOT to do that?

Again, you guys outdid yourselves with this release.

Keep up the good work!