Bugs aplenty

What I’ve seen so far:

#1 - DHTML menu across the top takes too long to come to life. On my 56k dialup and 800MHz machine I have to wait an additional minute while the lists of items materialize one by one – then I have to sweep past the sales link to get them to go away. And it’s only after those menu items have finished that I can scroll down. Just because you have t00ls doesn’t mean you need to implement them, other people have to use the page too you know.

#2 - That banner ad for CD sales which is supposed to show once a week is coming up with every page change, sometimes more than once per page load if closed early (and closing it early was never an option before). Either get rid of it, script it into the main page (not a persistant item) only once a week, or fix whatever made it only come up randomly like before.

#3 - How the hell do you get to yesterday’s articles? None of the things on the list down the middle have links, only the things on the left column and if what you want to read isn’t listed then you have no way of getting to the stories. I shouldn’t think that using Opera 5.12 should make any difference here – are the articles on the page NOT linked anymore, or is something afoot here?

#4 - Logging in was rediculous, it kept coming up with the list of replies… eventually after a manual page refresh it showed it was logged in.

Less is more. You had it right the first time. Not to be a bitch but the site is a lot less navigatable now. I love CDFreaks and wish it the best, but if it won’t let a person read previous days’ news and takes for-freaking-ever to finish loading the menu bar many of us never use, the page’s usefulness is greatly diminished.

I’m on DSL, and it’s very slow to load here too, usually about 15 sec. which is much slower than I’m used to.

Menu-bar is working here, takes about 2 seconds after the page has loaded for the menu to “materialize”…
I’m on DSL and a 1.74Ghz comp…

Here, it works the first time I load the page, but if I browse and come back, it doesn’t work any more.