Buggy 5007

Does anyone have a 5007 that works reliably? I’d say half the time, my unit fails to record. Sometimes it locks up, which appears to be a corrupted TV Guide (I have to reset the unit and then it work OK). Other times it will just record 10 minutes out of an hour program. Lately, it views a DVD+R/W as a DVD Video disc, which means it won’t record on it. I have to erase the disc again to get it to work. Other times it works just fine. Sure glad I have my Tivo, which never fails to record.

Lot of the same problems with the 5007 here.Don’t use the TV Guide but when doing general recording, it just stops. Now, when inserting a disc, the drawer pops back open no matter what kind of disc or brand even after flashing the firmware. Tried resetting then seemed to work for awhile but not doesn’t.

does this happen when you are using the TV Guide, or not or both? i have never had any use for that clunky TV Guide. if it is doing it when you are using then program the unit manually, or do the whole program manually and see what it does. i only use my 5006 to record manually off my Dish DVR box. i have never used the timer or the TV Guide function. in fact every product i have had that has had the function i have avoided it like the plague, because of reports of friends of screw-ups like you just described. you can e-mail me direct if you want:
m.k. smith