Bug with DVD Shrink 3.0 beta?

Hi everyone,
I don¡¦t know if this has ever happened to you guys. I used DvdShrink 3.0 beta to shrink a movie. I chose the automatic and the deep scan. And everything went pretty well. Then I burned it onto a disc with Nero( But when I played the disc on my dvd player, it gave the message ¡§read error.¡¨ So I played it again on my DVD-rom with PowerDVD, it had the same message. My ISO settings: ISO level 1; ISO 9660. It seems to me that when the movie was burned, something like the navigation file was missing. I don¡¦t know what or how. But when I played the movie from hard disc with PowerDVD, it played pretty well. Then I reauthored it , burned it, and it played OK. This has happened to me several times lately. The last time was when I tried to burned ¡§View From The Top.¡¨ I used to use DVDdecrypter + Infoedit, and I had no problems. Is it because of DVDShrink? Anyone has any theories? Thanks.

Hi guys,

Just to report my find. After wasting hours of time and probably a dozen of blank discs, I have found there was nothing wrong with DVDshrink. The problem is with my burner Pioneer DVR-104. There’ve got to be something wrong with the laser head. I changed to different medias and softwares. Still the same result. So I bought a new burner, a Lite-on 401s, used the same files to burn, used the same settings, and I got a good copy. The problem is now: should I get the Pioneer fixed? I must have burned 500 copies with it. Shouldn’t it be wearing out by now? Is it worth the try? What do you guys think?


Is it under warranty? If not,do you have a Pioneer authorized service center near you? Maybe getting a new one might not be so bad by comparison,the newer drives are a lot cheaper than their first generation siblings,were since DVD is embraced by nearly everyone. Since the laser is the most important part of the drive mechanism,and probably the most expensive,it is more cost-effective to get a new one.See what repairs will cost then check the 106/A06 at www.newegg.com

Good Luck… :cool: