[BUG] When posting (news), $-sign is deleted?

Found another one PHP! :wink:

When posting news, the dollar sign is deleted from the news post when itโ€™s followed by a number. So, for example, $1.49 is posted on the main page as .49. It does work when you add a space between the dollar sign and the number. So, for example, $ 1.49 comes out correctly.

See http://main.cdfreaks.com/news/6883 ($ sign deleted)
And http://main.cdfreaks.com/news/6886 ($ displayed)

Good luck fixing this one :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe :wink:

Edit: the bug is also when someone makes a reply:

actually, madonnaโ€™s site is asking for .49 for the mp3. NOT very reasonable imo
I think he originally posted $1.49.