'BUG' threw an error

Prior to upgrade to 4 beta, “Error 157” just quit period … then 4 beta bailed out also, but allowed me to send the error report.

Can not recall anyone ever getting an error 157

Me neither. Must be a typo?

I installed and couldn’t do anything except “split”, anything else gave me weird errors. Sometimes when running AV programs and firewalls and anti-spyware stuff, feces occurs! You get a bad install and weird stuff happens. I did a complete uninstall from control panel, rebooted then reinstalled, all problems fixed! If everything worked well before, you might try a clean install, it worked for me, as it does 99% of the time.

I did not have any trouble with this title it might just be your disc.
Try using another one of the same title,and if you have the same
trouble then try doing a system restore to a few days or weeks to
when your system was working well.
Good Luck ZAP.