Bug (?) setting time/date on everio gz-hd3U

I just purchased a JVC GZ-3DU camcorder. So far I love it, except it won’t seem to accept a time/date setting and it prompts me for it every time I turn it on. It is odd since upon playback, the time and date i enter are actually there. During record, all i see is flasshing dashes where the characters for the time should be - and of course the nagging advisory to set the time every time i start.

I enter the time setting functino via the menu and it seems to be accepting data as i set the time and date. It automatically progresses from time field to time field, then on to the date but upon hitting enter (depressing the mini joystick on the screen panel) on the last field (day number) it kicks out as if complete but no date and if i reenter via the menu, it shows being reset to jan 1.

I am pretty sure i am doing what was inteneded, but want to ask before i take this unit back to the store. Perhaps this is a known bug that can be fixed with a download, but i cant find any info on the subject.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Cannot find that type of camcorder on the official JVC site. You sure it’s JVC?

Yes it is JVC. I have since learned the U seems to be added only on some cameras I believe to identify it as a US release.

I finally made contact with JVC who directed me to a download that you flash using the SD card and it actually worked - there was a bug that this fixes. The download is actually at JVC.com

All is well now - except i need to now figure out an elegant way to get the dang TOD files into a format that i can easily use to create useful video. There are thousands of posts and myriads of associated downloads in that regard and sorting them out seems daunting at best.

Thanks for the response.