BUG: Selecting ISO from "Open with.." menu invalidates license

I own a licensed copy of DVDFab, Platinum.

Here’s a weird licensing bug.

If I want to burn an ISO, I usually just run Fab, then select the ISO from its Source box. This always works fine.

If, however, I navigate to the same ISO via Windows, right click the desired ISO, then select DVDFab from the “Open With…” menu, DVDFab runs, but immediately puts up the following dialog:
" Thank You! The Product will be restarted to enable the registered version." When I click OK on this dialog, another dialog comes up saying “This is a trial version. Evaluation period is expired…” I can either exit or enter a Register Code."

If I exit at this last dialog, any subsequent attempts to run Fab produces the “Trial version” dialog. After I reapply my license, all is good again as long as I don’t “Open With…”

Anybody else have this problem?

yup, same here no big deal just a little weird