Bug report with Sandisk U3 Drive



Not sure which is the culprit, so I am posting in both forums…

Running CLONECD, ANYDVD (Beta)…

  1. With each upgrade of ANYDVD, I need to reselect the option to “turn off” ANYDVD with the U3 drive… no memory between releases

  2. CLONECD hangs if run while the U3 drive is plugged in…
    Log shows “scanning for SCSI/ATAPIdevices…” and dies…

Entire PC hangs and must be rebooted UNLESS U3 drive is unplugged…

Can’t access the proper “removal” tool for the U3 drive during the hang…


Latest release of ANYDVD ( seems to fix their issue with Sandisk U3…

Perhaps the CLONCD people could talk to the ANYDVD people and get a similar fix for CLONECD when these drives are installed?



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In case you miss it. Linky: :iagree: :bigsmile:



Just tried and that did the trick!



Where did you find Slysoft site doesn’t have it on their site? Is that a beta version?


Yes it is a beta. Expressly for your problem I believe.:clap:


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If you fell you need/or will benefit from this just use the “Linky” in post #3 this thread. :iagree: