BUG: reactnow! Button! BUG

Well I like your new site :smiley: , but there is one bug ( that I found ) it’s the reactnow button in the end of a page when you read a article … this don’t work in Opera 7.03 !! it works in my IE , but not Opera that I use 99% of the time.

Now you know, I hope you fix it :slight_smile:

Great work on the page by the way … realy slick , but a littel to much withe … I like a darker site … it’s more comfortable to read and look on … maby you should make some themes so you can change from one clear colored to a littel darker ? … just a suggestion !!

And to cdfreaks.com :bow: :bow: :bow:

Maybe it’s helpfull to include details about the bug, just a suggestion :cool:

But it’s not clear for me what exactly the problem.
There is a problem with the Reactnow-button, but what?
Doesn’t an popup open?
etc. etc.


hmmm well ok … I explain in Picturs.

Here a foto from IE :

And now a Foto from Opera 7.03 :

, as you can see in IE I can click the button , but in Opera 7.03 it will just think it’s nothing there … , and therefor nothing to click on , and you click and nothing happens … in IE all works like a charm.

YOU UNDERSTAND ? :wink: , ore should I make a video for you ? hehe :wink:

I have it too (more or less), I can click the “react now!” button all I want, but absolutely nothing happens…I’m using IE 6.0 and Windows XP.