[Bug] ratDVD menu

I had download a few ratDVD from a tracker. In someone ratDVD, i costum to have one error: after the conversion, i record to a DVD and i watch in my tv, so, when the DVD comes to the menu, if i want to go to “See movie” or “Play movie” the DVD says a error as occurred and make Stop or just Stop it without anyone advirsting.
This had happened with 5 ratDVD in 7 that i had download.
I had see the DVD that i record in others DVD player and one curious situation as occurred: in someone Player the menu is ok, but in others its crashed.
I am portuguese, and i dont speak very wheel english, but i hoop you can understand and help me.
Thanks from Portugal

I’ve had the same problem from the getgo with ratDVD. I have been in the business of solving problems for 25 yeard and never been stumped, this till now. If you find a solution email me: rjtucker@rogers.com

Sorry dekapa, I can’t help you as this app is giving me a lot of grief as well.