Bug in way CopyToDVD calcs size?

Hi folks, I wonder if someone can verify this for me.

I’ve got a DVD folder on the HD and it’s size is: 4 687 636 822 bytes (4.36GB)

If I right-click the folder and choose CopyToDVD, pick a drive (BenQ DW1650), choose burn as DVD Video, it then complains there isn’t enough space on the blank DVD-R.

If I open the CopyToDVD Manager, choose DVD Video, select the VIDEO_TS.IFO and then burn, (same drive/disc), it burns without a problem, (exact same data size).

Any ideas?

Forgot, CopyToDVD, CopyToDVD Manager

EDIT: Scratch all above, I’m an idiot, didn’t notice I was choosing wrong drive :confused: