BUG in Nero Recode

First of all I don’t really use Nero Recode but I thought I should post this anyway. I prefer to use DVDShrink myself or ImgBurn.

Ok I tried it a couple of ways when I installed Nero. First I installed on top off Everything seem to work ok. But I tried Nero Recode and when it reaches 29.9% of encoding Nero Recode freezes or you’ll get the BSOD.

So I tried a clean install of Nero (used Nero Clean Tool) and tried Recode again. Samething happens I get the BSOD again.

I know it’s not my PC. This is what I have:

Windows XP Pro SP2
AMD64 X2 4200+
GA-K8NS Ultra
1GB DDR 400 running at Dual Channel
2 X BenQ DW1640
3 hdd

Bold statement. I’d wait to see if anyone else reports the issue. It’s been my experience that any individual pc can conflict with some software.

I would say your specs appear impressive, but a conflict can be a conflict. It would be nice if that new version of Nero is an official one and Nero could release it to the public for everyone to try. If it is beta then state it as such but let’s get it from the source.

What does the BSOD say is causing the problem?

Well I know it’s not my PC. I know that might be a bold statement but considering I’ve used my old Nero6 with this system and everything worked fine (even Nero Recode).

Besides Nero7 is famous for it’s bugs.


No problem for me: normal ripping and burning with Nero e his Recode…

So, what does the BSOD say is causing the problem?

Yeah everything works for me too apart from Nero Recode. So did you say Nero Recode works for you? How did you install your