Bug in Nero 6 refresh compilation?


i found the following oddity - have any of you any idea of how to help - or have experianced the same ?

When i make a multisession cd or dvd, and wants to add a new session choosing “continue multisession”, i can choose if i want the compilation to update automatically.

  1. The compilation is apparantly updated automatically disregarding what i choose. I.e. it has no effect whether i choose “update automatiaclly” or not, the pop-up box prompting me to allow an refresh of the compilation or not is NOT shown. The compilation is always updated.

2 If i choose “remove deleted files” (from the original directory), the files no longer present in the original directory is shown in NERO with a red cross but they are not removed, i can still see them in explorer after the burn. I can also still see them in the compilation after continuing with the next session on the multi session disc.

  1. When i make a multi session disc, and wants to add more files manually as i please i am not prompted wether i want to update the session automatically or not, i.e. the session is always updated using nero express. Cant the auto refresh the compilation in nero express be chosen by the user. If so how ?

  2. I purchased the downloadable version. Wheni in the menu choose “help”, im informed that NERO cannot find the help files. I have downloaded the language packs - that didnt help. The name of the help file is not identical with any of the pdf files i have downloaded ( and i have downloaded ALL pdf
    available from NEROs site)

  3. I have checked the option in expert settings that NERO should have access to a packet writing disc (which actually is written with InCD), if this should make any logic, it should be possible to add or delete (i.e. do something to the disc) files to such a disc. When i select continue multi session (since data has already been written to the disc with InCD - im either told that the disc cannot be written to, or asked if NERO should adjust the disc format. In no of the cases am i getting access to the disc and can therefor not write anything to such a disc.

  4. After i have burned files to disc, and executing e.g. explorer i still see the files that was on the disc prior to the burning procedure. When ejecting and reloading the disc, the correct files are shown. i.e it appears that the content of the disc is not updates unless the disc is ejected and reloaded. Sometimes acccess to a disc is not possible after a write, reloading here also helps. Problem with re-reading content automatically?

Any help is truly appreciated - i have tried lots of workarounds without luck :slight_smile:

Best regards Jorn

I can share my bad luck with you in their multi-session problem.

I found exactily the same problem, I upgraded to version because they said it would fix the problem but it didn´t. I have to use the good old Nero 5.5. to burn multissesion cds!

Well, I’m having the same problem with Nero 5.5 under Win98SE.

I just logged on here looking for a solution. :frowning:

To summarise, build compilation save it; recall it - modify it - save it; re-call that one, refresh and it brings up all the files that were in the original compilation, whether they are there or not.

I won’t hold my breath, if it hasn’t been fixed in ver 6., then.



heres what i got as answer from NERO tech support, and my findings on version 6.6:


i now have tried reloaded 6.6. The problem about correct refresh compilation
persists ! It appears just to be a little different now.

If i choose not to refresh automatically (not tick this option), i am
presented to a popup where i can choose to “refresh”, “OK”, “cancel” or
“Eject”. There is no differnecee between pressing “refresh” or “OK”. This
again ofcourse is a bug. There is no point to have 2 buttons doing the
same!. The “refrehs” button ofcourse should actually refresh the compilation
i guess?.

Further; it is strange that the above mentioned popup dialog is totally
different if i work on a DVD instead of a CD, for a DVD there are only 2
options “OK” and “cancel”. The popup dialig ofcourse should be the same no
matter what media the user is working on?

I am getting sooooooooo tired with this problem. Do you intend and can you
finally solve this right?

Regards Jorn

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> Dear Mr Madsen,
> thank you for your email and for your interest in our products.
> Our developers have told us that with the October Update this big should
> finally(!) be fixed. Thank you for your patience.
> Should you wish more information, please do not hesitate to contact us
> again.
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jørn Bue Madsen [<mailto:jorn_bue@mobilixnet.dk>]
> Sent: Saturday, 25.September 2004 07:17:19
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> Subject: Yet another Bug
>>> Hello
>>> it appears many bugs has been removed so far, but yet one very annoying
>>> remains. It has been around for ages now;
>>> When inserting a multisession disc, already containing data, the option
>>> is given ti check the box “Refresh compilation automatically (without
>>> asking)” on the “Multisession” tab.
>>> Your own explanation under “HELP” shows the following;
>>> “Refresh compilation”
>>> “With this option NERO will automatically refresh the compilation. If
>>> this option is not activated NERO will display a dialog box with the
>>> refresh options before refreshing the compilation”
>>> But the truth is that it is the same whether this box is checked or not.
>>> Here is a bug, checking the box or not doenst make any difference!
>>> This function is hence not working.
>>> I hope you will fix this, its very annoying and the consumer doesnt get
>>> full functionality. Tyhis is very important when relying on the
>>> multisession concept.
>>> Regards Jorn

oh man, I can’t believe Nero even in the latest 6.6.xx still has this problem. what’s going on with Nero?!!