Bug in Nero!

It’s not a very seriouse bug but if you come to this situation its very anoying because it hangs you computer - you can’t even reboot properly.


Plextor PX-708A writer
Pioneer 105 DVD-ROM reader.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Insert CD in DVD-ROM drive.

  2. Press “disk copy” icon. The dialog with disk copy option will appear with CD (top left corner dropbox) selected by default.

  3. Change the “CD” to “DVD” in the top left corner dropbox.

  • Nero hangs … :frowning: , the computer can’t be restarted CD ejected and Nero closed even from TaskManager …

If on step 1) DVD inserted into DVD-ROM drive then everything works OK.

So for now if you going to make DVD copy with Nero just remember to insert DVD-ROM disk first.

Btw: found another small one :

If you try to burn DVD+RW disk when you project is full and you DVD+RW media has few bytes less than needed to fit you compilation then DVD+RW disk ejected as it should , but then if you press “Abort” then insert it back and and then press “Done” it ejected again :frowning:

Go back to 5.5.x.x - it works, why go to 6 with all those xtra 100 MB’s and crap.