BUG IN DVD2ONE 111 and/or COPYTODVD 20192?

Anytime I ‘backup’ a movie, i get the following ERROR Message, when the DVD+R is being burnt:

warning: BUP/IFO of Video Title Set #163 contains error. The resulting DVD may not work.

I don’t know if the problem is with DVD2ONE creating ‘bad files’ or some bug in COPY TO DVD (the program that DVD2ONE ‘interfaces’ with to do the actual burning).

The movies ‘playback’ on my standalone player (Daewoo DVG 3000N), but there are some slight pauses especially towards the end of the movies.

I have a SONY DRU500A (latest bios), and am using verbatim 4X +R media, under win xp. 512 MB RAM, 1.7 GHZ processor.


I got the same error so now I don’t choose the “Burn DVD” option using CopyToDVD software. I have an NEC 1100 A DVD+R(W) burner with 512MB RAM and 2.3 Ghz Pentium 4. I use Verbatim DVD+R disks, too.

What’s up?

I have that Daewoo player (as my region-free player) in addition to my Sony progressive scan player.

I noticed that the same DVD that has slight pauses on the Daewoo (at all random points and not always the same place) has no problem on my Sony machine. In over 150 backed up DVD’s, my Sony has no problems.

The Daewoo on the other hand plays them without problems 90% of the time, but has random playback problems like the pauses, etc. Playback on all 5 home computers have no issues. By the way, the problems have also been observed on pressed original DVD’s and not burned ones.

I think that the playback issues has a lot to do with the player itself.

Hey, I downloaded the latest version of CopyToDVD and I no longer have any problems!:slight_smile: