Bug in Divx 5.0.3?

I think there’s a bug in the codec -> decoder configuration: in fact if you try to change the quality of the playback and then you save, when you reopen the decoder configuration you will notice that the quality bar stays where it was before, so you just can’t put the quality at max, and this is not good cause I used PowerDVD to watch my DivXes with Dolby Surround 2 decoding (I can’t get the same thing with the divx default player )…Anyone else found this bug?

Ok, i have 2 computers, a p3 800 and an athlon 900 the p3 keeps the quality where i put it but the athlon resets it back to the default.

Mmmh I also have an AthlonXP 1700+…it would be strange that this bug affects only AMD CPUs coz also a friend of mine who has a P4 2100Mhz has the same problem…anyway I’m pleased to see I’m not alone :slight_smile:
In Divx 5.0.2 configuration settings were saved correctly, so I’m thinking to switch back at it, until this bug won’t be corrected.

Anyone else has noticed this problem?

Don’t know about the Athlon thing, but the bug itself has been in previous releases.

I eventually gave up, having found no solution, and used FFDShow (Which is better anyway, so…)

I would prefer BS-Player (It plays even with 2 AC3-Streams in an AVI) and it is possible to open up the SPDIF during playback :wink:
And for DUAL-Laguage AC3 you can use the NANDUB

Try it!

…no isn’t a bug…

on mine machine AMD 3.000 Mhz
and a simply 9000 ati

i can set up the quality at Max. :cool:

…i think it’s only a speed problem.