Bufferunderruns and high cpu-usage


just bought myself a Plextor 241040A.
Installation went fine, but when burning on 24 speed from harddisk buffer level keeps going up and down.
And i’m pretty sure there are some buffer underruns too cause the orange flashing light sometimes stops and then a yellow light lights up for a short time…afterwards buffer is filled up again.
Also cpu usage is very high: 70-80% all the time :frowning:
(Using Nero, Plextor firmare 1.03 running Win2k)
Specs are:
MSI k7t2266pro-ru
AMD XP 1700
512 Mb DDR
2x40Gb in Raid0
Any suggestions?

what did you burn data or audio

data, large files (>100Mb)

Also: I burned already some cd’s on 24speed…i guess they all have around 10 bufferunderruns on them…should i better redo these? Or won’t that be a problem as they seem to read ok.

download the latest nero

ok i updated (damn, those nero.com ftp’s are slow!)
but it didn’t seem to help though :frowning:

Cant understand it…my system and harddrives should really be fast enough to provide data to cd-rw…

stupid me…solution was in this forum already:
Burning now with less than 5% cpu-usage and buffer staying always above 90% :wink:

But could someone tell me…are the first cd-r’s i wrote with i guess more then 10 bufferunderruns on alot less in quality than normal ones?

No they shouldn’t be. The buffer-underrun technique should prevent large gaps.