Buffering in Win2K

I remember in Win98 by changing a few things in a ini file you could use more memory for buffering which helped speed up internet connection and could be used to set anything. Im wondering if same thing can be done in 2k for my CDR. I want to set dedicated amount of memory for its use. got plenty of it maybe like 16MB - 32MB depending on results.

When you burn a CDR and (fe) Nero needs more memory and you got plenty then Nero will use this memory.

Why do you want to increase the amount of memory while burning? Got probs while burning?

For experamental purposes.
I would like to see if there is performance gains with not just nero but other warez to in doing diffrent task. I gained noticable performance buy maxing the nero and CloneCD buffers.
I have some lack in speed of data being supplied to CD-Rom when getting information from drive on same IDE. I would like to see If that can be improved too.
Basicly I would like to test and see if theres gains.
I would think not to much but I have supprised my self before.

I decided to try same method as Win9x but used lot bigger numbers then before.
System.ini 386enh section:

IRQ9 has USB hubs,video,network on it
IRQ14 has only primary IDE
IRQ15 has only secondary IDE

before this my buffer would come down to a point where CD stopped burning and waited for it to refill. On one CloneCD burn it happened 4 times in burn with buffer in program set to max.
This problem only accured while burning from hard drive on same IDE as burner.

After the modification to ini same file (635MB) went from 4:50 to 4:01 to completely do a succelful burn. The buffer problem happened once instead of 4 times.

I am tempted to take that IRQ15 to 64MB but already noticed some slow down on application loads and respond time. So im going to hold off until I get more RAM.