Buffer wont stay filled

Hi . I had a virus on my computer and had to delete a lot of my software. Somewhere along the line I must of lost my settings for burning dvd’s, because I can not get the device buffer to stay filled or the hard drive buffer to stay filled. I am using IMG Burn software to burn DVD’s and I am getting errors threw out the burn that, it is waiting for the buffer to fill. I a have tried burning at slower speeds 4x to 16x with the same error messages. I am using a Sony burner. I have tried 3 different brands of disc with the same results. I have used Sony, NexXtech, and some cheap Comp USA disc. All with the same results so I think there is something that got changed in my bios or the setting for IMG Burn. I did not change any these setting before so I am not sure what settings or where to go to get this back. I hope someone can help.


Is DMA enabled?

How much ram do you have and how many resources are running in the background?

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I have 1 gig ram and I have the following programs running in the back ground. My Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, Window Messenger,and Ebay toolbar, and Yahoo Widgets which is just a clock running on my desk top and a weather advisor. I have had these running in the back ground before and have not had a problem before. I do not know how to check to see if DMA is enabled. If you could let me know how to check this I will do that. thanks for your reply


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I checked and DMA is enabled on my computer.

When was the last time you did a “Registry Cleanup” and “Defragmented” your system

It has been around 6 months ago.

The hard drive buffer is staying at 100% but the device buffer is not. It ranging between 14% and 90%. It is not staying at a solid number it is bouncing around very rapidly. I am burning at 2X with these results. It there something I can do to change this. Thanks for everyones help.


What’s the Current Transfer Rate in Device Manager for the burner (in fact, all your drives)? “DMA if available” isn’t enough to go on :slight_smile:

Can you report what DMA [I]mode[/I] is your DVDRW drive actually supposed to be on according to the hardware manager. :slight_smile:

Yep, same as the Current Transfer Mode which I asked for in the post above (mistakenly put Rate instead of Mode - too much looking at CD-DVD Speed I think :))

:doh: Ooops, sorry, I just hit “reply” to the guy’s post, without reading all of the thread. Sorry [B]Arachne [/B] :flower:

LOL, not a problem :flower: - your post reminded me that I’d made a typo :doh:

can someone tell me how to check to see what DMA mode my DVDRW is supposed to be on. and the transfer mode. Sorry but when when it comes to the setting on a computer I really don’t know much about this. I normally just leave them the way they were since I don’t really know what to do and don’t want to really mess my computer up.


See the post prior to yours?

In Arachne’s sig there is a linky!

I purchased a new dvd burner and installed it and everything is working good now. thank you to all that helped with ideas.


Haha, that’s my kind of solution! :bigsmile: