Buffer underun problem?

I am burning ProdiscS03’s on my stock 1.06 firmware NEC 2500A but for some reason it takes me 36+ min to burn at 4X. I watched Nero and noticed that the buffer was constantly going down. My system specs are p4 2.4 ghz and 512 ram so I don’t think its a system resource problem. Will an update in firmware fix this problem?

also, when I check the dvd after burning with Nero cd-dvd speed or cdinfo the speed is checked to be less than 2X. I checked the drive and media using cdinfo and both were fine (the prodiscs are intended for 4X speed). would this problem be related to the firmware as well?

I am really confused and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Well, I think the reason it doesn’t read faster is that it is rip-locked at 2x. As for Nero, you might want to try to update to latest version.

nufan, thanks for relying so fast. I am currently using the newest version of nero. Is there a firmware available that will fix the buffer underrun problem?

There is no firmware to fix this issue as its not a known issue.

Personally, it sounds like you have DMA disabled for the IDE controller that the drive is attached to. That would explain the slow burns.

Another possibility is that whatever hard drive you are copying the data to the DVD from is badly fragmented and is therefore slow at providing data to Nero.

thegdog, I think you’re right about the DMA being disabled. I tried to enable it but for some reason windows will not allow me to change it and automatically choses PIO Mode for the Current Transfer Mode. can you help?

First thing to check is to make sure that DMA is set in your BIOS as well. If its only set to a PIO mode in the BIOS, then Windows may not be able to set it higher.

Second thing is if the drive is on an IDE controller with another device (hard drive, CD ROM, etc), make sure that device is capable of running in DMA mode. Some IDE controllers cannot enable DMA if one of the devices doesn’t support it.

Third, it could be the IDE drivers. Some people have reported issues with the Intel Accelerator software and the Nvidia drivers. Not sure if that could have anything to do with it, but its always a possibility.

thanks, I changed the DMA in my bios and now I am burning a lot faster. thegdog, thank you so much for the help.

Sure thing. Always good when its a relatively easy fix!

I’m not sure if this thread is the best place for this or not, but here goes:

I’ve been experimenting a bit with burning at 8x and I noticed that RecordNowDX acts strangely. Normally when I burn a DVD @ 4x the total time appears to be around 14 or 15 minutes. With speed set to 8x the total time (which appears on the progress bar) shows up initially as around 7 minutes. But then it starts to change. Sometimes it appears to be burning at 4x, other times 2x, and will come back occasionally to 8x.

A look at the log file after the burn is over reveals that the total time elapsed is only about 2 minutes less than a 4x burn.

Could this be because I need more RAM as a buffer and the HD just isn’t able to spit out the data quickly enough? I have defragged recently and it didn’t seem to help.