Buffer underruns?



I'm trying to help my nephew, he keeps getting buffer underruns. Here is the message::

    T0100: I/O error (06/C5/00) - Write error - buffer underrun occurred

T0100: I/O error (06/C5/00) - Write error - buffer underrun occurred
T7127: TrackWriter error - Flush failed
T7118: TrackWriter error - Command retry failed
D0100: I/O error (05/89/00) - sense code 0x89
D0100: I/O error (05/89/00) - sense code 0x89
D0100: I/O error (05/89/00) - sense code 0x89
D0100: I/O error (05/24/00) - Command error - invalid field in CDB

He only gets this when he is coping something from the hdd to cd not cd to cd. Any suggestions on how to correct this error. His cd-r is a Sony 928E.

Thanks in advance

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T0100 & T7001 TrackWriter error Unknown error; contact technical support

T7127 Flush failed Easy CD Creator sent a flush command in an attempt to recover from a recorder error, but the flush failed. This error will be accompanied by another message describing the real problem

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-Close all the programs when you are burning a cd.

-Try another burning program.

-change the DMA (system -->cd-rom)

TheScape http://scapewarez.cjb.net


In addition to closing all open programs, close anything in the system tray, turn off any kind of screen saver, and if you have a rather large background image file on your desktop, get rid of it.


And in addition to the steps mentioned above, (only if you have a Pentium-200 or slower) defragment your harddisk often (right click on the harddisk icon, choose properties|tools, then choose defragment in the options tab


I had this problem to with mine philips 3610
and mine p200. The only thing is close all the programs (look above), but if you really will solve this problem you should buy an new faster hard disk!!! What else you can do is burn at 1x then your hard disk is sending less data to your burner and then your risk is much smaller if you get buffer underruns



i just installed memturbo so i could fine tune the cache for burning…