Buffer underrun



I was burning some backup data on a YUDEN000T02 @ 8x the other day, and roughly half-way through, I got a buffer underrun. I suspect it was because my hard drive couldn’t keep up, but regardless, Burn-Proof was enabled and it continued burning after the buffer recovered, and the disc verified fine (using ImgBurn).

So my question is: is this disc safe for archival? Or should it be re-burned to be on the safe side? I don’t have any means of producing an accurate scan of the disc, so just a general answer will do.


Usually interventions of burn-proof and similar technologies cause a rise on PIF errors on the disc, but the resulting disc [U]is not[/U] necessarily a coaster. The only way to see if the disc is good is do a scan and a transfer rate test. If both tests are good, then the disc can be considered reliable.