Buffer Underrun

I have a Pioneer DVR-A03 writer for the pc…never had a problem until recently. …never had a problem with buring ISo until recently… I get the folowing error…

Buffer Underrun Command 2A Sense 05 ASC=21 ASCQ 1
Im still using the same media as before any problems.I have 2 HD’s 1 sczzi & 1 IDE the Pc boots from the sczzi. any nfo would be appreciated.



Hi Tearflop and welcome to CDFreaks.:slight_smile: Can you check and make sure the hard drive and the Pioneer are in the proper DMA mode. Some system specs would also be most helpful. See this thread for Checking/Enabling DMA.


Did you defragment your HD? If not, try it.


A03…jeeeez. That’s old.

Does burning other things and media work??