"Buffer Underrun Proof" sporadicaly disabled in PlexTools


I use the PX-708A and PlexTools 2.11 under WinXP. I have noticed that “Buffer Underrun Proof” sometimes is disabled in PlexTools without any reason.
Sporadicaly after rebooting the system, the checkbox is not checkend anymore. And I think that everytime I have written a DVD (using Nero it becomes disabled:

  • I open PlexTools -> “Buffer Underrun Proof” is enabled
  • then I minimize PlexTools
  • then I write a DVD
  • then I open PlexTools again -> “Buffer Underrun Proof” is not enabled anymore

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?
Is “Buffer Underrun Proof” not available for writing DVDs?



I have noticed that Nero 6.3.16 reports the message “Buffer UndrrunProof enabled” when I burn a CD-R/W, on the contrary it reports nothing (nor enabled neither disabled) when I burn a DVD-R/W. May be the buffer Underrun proof is a feature which is only valid when burning CD ???

Someone has an advice ???

Regarding Plextools, when I look at it (not often) it is enabled, however I did not watch just after burning a DVD. I will check that next time.

I have noticed the same behavior. I haven’t figured it out either.

Same problem observed here.

I seen this too on the 2.18 and 2.17 tools with my new px 716a

I see this only a few times, but not everytime. Mostly is always enabled after reboot. Version 2.16, 2.17 and 2.18.

Plextools may well report the current state of the burnproof flag within the ‘Write Parameters Mode Page’. Perhaps Nero resets that page once it has finished the burn and so when you ‘restore’ plex tools, it requeries the drive and finds the flag is no longer set - hence unchecks the box.

It’s just a theory :slight_smile: